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How do I get an E2 Visa? 


The requirements for an E2 visa are that you are from a treaty country, that you have made or are currently making a "substantial" investment in the business, that you are in control of the money and that the money is at risk, that you are going to be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the business and that the business is "not marginal." In other words, the business needs to be real, operating and you need to be providing more than a basic living for you and your family. 


Can my spouse and children join me in the US?


Yes! Your spouse and your children under the age of 21 can come with you. Your spouse can even get a work permit.


What happens when my child turns 21?


When your child "ages out" of the E2 visa, he or she will need to return to the country of origin or switch to a different type of status.  One common switch is to an F-1 visa, which is a student visa.


Can I work somewhere else in addition to working on the business upon which my E2 visa is based?


No.  You must work within the E2 business only.


What if I want to start an E2 business with another person?


There are a few requirements for business partners when filing for an E2 visa.  You must be able to show control and a substantial investment for both partners.  In addition, the partners must be from the same E2 treaty country. 


I'm a dual national.  How do I "pick" a nationality for purposes of the E2?


This can be a sticky situation.  Generally speaking, the consulate, when reviewing your packet, will look to the country most closely associated to your dealings with the E2 process.  This is definitely something to discuss with an attorney. 


How do I show a "substantial" investment?


You can do this a number of ways.  However, the most common ways are to have a thorough business plan showing the cost to start and run the business, an expert letter detailing  the cost to start and run the business or financial records showing the cost to start and run the business.  After the costs are determined, you can show that you have already invested a "substantial" amount in comparison. 


I have more questions about the E2 visa.  What should I do?


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